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This goes without saying; concrete slab and foundation are both crucial components of your house. Both do much more than just simply holding your home in place. A well-built concrete slab and foundation resist possible soil movement and withstand unforeseen calamities like earthquakes, storms, and tornados.

Pretty useful, right? However, many are still unaware and often overlook their concrete and foundation status. That lack of awareness often leads to extensive repair and might bring many severe problems and health hazards when ignored. 

Read through this to find out what factors you need to consider to schedule a concrete leveling, concrete repair, and foundation repair to keep yourself, your family, and your house safe at all times. 

Heat contracts and damages your foundation. 

Are you living in a humid country like Georgia? Then, you might want to call an expert and book concrete repair or foundation repair services to check your concrete slabs and foundation. 

This pain-in-a-neck kind of occurrence happens almost absurdly— it works like a snake that will surprise you out of nowhere. The cracks in your wall, the sinking of your floor, the bowing of your walls, and other common structural problems work like an ant. You might notice it, but it will not cause panic because of its size. But the next thing you know, those cracks, uneven flooring, and bowing walls are multiplying and going further deep down. 

One of the reasons these structural problems happen is because of the rising heat. The heat—or worse, the drought that the soil experiences causes the absence of moisture in the foundation and concrete. Due to the heat, the soil around the concrete slabs and foundation dries out. Resulting in concrete and foundation settling that will lead to weak, cracking, and unsteady (or even moving!) foundation all at once. 

You might say that cracks, regardless of their size, are not big of a deal. That might be true in some cases, but not when it eventually affects some aspects of your home. A faulty foundation and concrete leveling will result in sagging, slopping, and cracking of floors. It will also cause uneven gaps in your windows and doors, compromising your security. 

Sounds terrible, right? That’s why you should constantly assess the status and quality of your concrete and foundation to avoid these things from happening. Interpreting what the house is telling you is a great step to avoid unfortunate damages to furthers. Once you notice cracks settling into your house, don’t hesitate to perform concrete leveling to lift and fix your floor, and concrete repair and foundation repair if there’s a crack in either of your wall or flooring to prevent those from further ruining your house. 

Moisture erodes and shrinks your foundation.

Unexpected things mostly surprise us, right? Well, that’s a common thing in life.

Many homeowners in Macon and Milledgeville, Georgia face unsettled concrete and foundation problems. They thought their foundation was safe and moisture-free because of the lack of precipitation. Well, that may be true, but rainstorms, floods, and even fogs are natural occurrences that happen all the time despite the cities’ usual weather. It’s still possible for your foundation to be surrounded by a large amount of moisture that will negatively affect its performance. Likewise, if the concrete slabs experience overly moisturization, the slabs will eventually move or sink, following the deteriorating and soaked supporting soil. 

Aside from the weather, other factors also further damage your foundation and concrete, such as improper drainage. If you don’t have drainage or if yours does not work properly, then there’s a big chance that the damp water will not be adequately drained and will just go to the soil that surrounds the foundation and soak it. A working and properly installed drainage and gutter ensure the collection of water that carries away from the foundation and concrete slabs. 

Just like how the heat damages your house’s structure, an overly exposed to moisture concrete and foundation will also lead to a house structure shift. Moreover, it will eventually lead to cracked drywalls and unaligned doors and windows. If gone unnoticed for a long time, the damages it brings might require extensive concrete leveling or foundation repair, which will either put tabs on your savings or safety. Or both. 

However, that doesn’t have to go that way. You can contain tons of these issues if you act upon those issues immediately. Suppose you see developing damages or unusual occurrences on your house structure. In that case, you might want to call the nearest macon foundation repair or macon concrete repair services to aid your situation. 

New cracks will appear yearly.

If you live in Macon or its surrounding cities like Milledgeville, keeping a close eye on your house structure is absolutely important. Due to the changing weather in Georgia, your foundation will be at its weakest point. As basic science suggests, the elements react differently depending on the temperature, and too much reaction will break the component. Meaning your foundation might develop more damage because it typically shrinks in wetter weather and expands when exposed to heat. Or worse, the house that you built for so long might collapse to the ground. 

Due to global warming, these sudden changes to our climate pattern make these structural changes almost inevitable to happen yearly. You’ll probably notice wall cracks and sloppy flooring multiplying or increasing in size yearly. That never-ending process will make your foundation unsteady and will bring you headaches and financial burdens in the long run.

The best medicine for this is to prevent the cracks and flooring settlement from worsening. Keep in touch with the nearest Macon foundation repair or Milledgeville concrete repair and monitor how your concrete and foundation are doing. 

Tree roots moisture the soil around your foundation

There are many little and seemingly non-harmful reasons why your house foundation is experiencing subsidence. And one of those is having a maturing tree planted anywhere around your house

Shocking enough, right? You didn’t know these visually appealing and cozy trees around your house are one of the reasons why your foundation is getting weaker. So if you have a tree twice or thrice the size of the usual ones, consider booking a foundation repair or concrete repair to have the status of your house checked from possible damage. 

Going back to the main problem—soil fluctuation is our main enemy here. But trees mostly impact that aspect. Trees require a water level from ground to keep its life. That water level will fluctuate. As the tree grows and becomes more expansive, it will absorb even more moisture from the ground. When the soil receives unstable moisture, it will contract and expand, which will put pressure on the concrete slabs and foundation and cause cracks and shifting. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should not plant trees in your backyard because it will be helpful when you are experiencing rainfall and want to lessen the amount of moisture the soil around your concrete absorbs. It’s good to have unmatured trees to do this job so it won’t be expansive enough to cause soil fluctuation and shrink the ground down. 

Unforeseen earthquakes can catch your foundation off guard. 

It is already a no-brainer that a good foundation and concrete will support your house and withstand calamities like an earthquake. And, of course, faulty or damaged ones will put your home and your safety at risk. 

Even a mild earthquake can negatively affect your house’s foundation. Whenever the ground beneath your house shakes or shifts, the foundation tends to destabilize. This causes wall and floor damage, and worse, concrete slab damage. So if you live in an area wherein this kind of calamity often happens, then it’s better to be prepared and have your foundation and concrete repaired regularly. 


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