soil erosion and soil saturation

Spring is coming, and that means rain and lots of it! How will this possibly affect your foundation?

One thing that you can expect during the spring months is rain. With all that moisture, your home may be at risk for foundation problems. Water can damage your home’s foundation! Two major causes of damage are soil erosion and soil saturation. To understand how these two issues can affect your home, let’s take a closer look at each.

What is Soil Erosion and How Can it Damage Your Foundation?

Soil erosion is the wearing away of topsoil caused by flowing water. As the soil erodes, it can cause the water to pool around the foundation of your home. This can contribute to shifting and foundation settling of soil around and even under your home, leading to the potential settlement and sinking of your foundation.

Explaining Soil Saturation and the Risks it Causes your Foundation

Soil saturation is when all of the pore spaces in the soil are filled with water, which can happen easily with rain in the spring months. When the soil is saturated, it will expand and pressure can build around your foundation. When the pressure becomes more than the wall can handle, the wall will begin to push inward leading to cracks or bowing.

Contact SFS For All Your Water Damage Concerns

If you feel that water has damaged your home’s foundation due to excessive moisture from soil erosion or soil saturation, or for any other reason, SFS is here to help! We have a professionally trained staff that can answer your questions and provide you with the best custom solutions to meet your needs. Some of the foundation repair solutions we recommend include Helical Piers and Magic Jacks. SFS offers free foundation inspections for homeowners by our professionally trained inspectors. SFS serves Macon and Augusta, GA as well as the surrounding area. Contact us today at 478-365-2424 so you can step into spring on solid ground!

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