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Sagging Floors? Crawl Space Jacks Could Be the Answer

You may have noticed your floors sagging in a subtle way, or even more alarming, in an obvious way. Naturally, your concern level is rising. You have questions: What is causing this to happen? What can be done to fix it? At Stapleton Foundation Systems, we can help you by diagnosing the cause of your sagging floors, and presenting you with a solution that is customized to your crawl space. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of sagging floors over your crawl space, and discover how crawl space jacks can help.

5 Causes of Sagging Floors

There are several reasons that you may see and feel floors sagging in your home. When the team from Stapleton Foundation Systems inspects your crawl space we would be looking for these type of symptoms:

Termite damage results in weak and failing beams and posts, leading to sagging floors

Water/Excessive Moisture: Water enters your crawlspace in a number of ways, such as damaged or non-functioning downspouts and gutters or poor grading around your home. Water seeps into the beams and joists that comprise your crawl space and can cause wood rot and decay.

Insects: A common cause of wood damage, termites and wood eating beetles can both be detrimental to the structure of your crawlspace and can result in the wood supporting the floor above to sag.

Humidity: It may be surprising, but even if you do not have visible water or excessive moisture in your crawl space, humidity can be a big factor. Beams and joists subjected to consistent humidity are subject to wood rot and decay. Over time, wood will break down and the floor above it will sag.

Sagging floors can be caused by human error resulting in beam damage

Aging home: The cause of your sagging could simply be the age of your home. Over time, wood will naturally break down. In addition, different materials and home building techniques have developed over time. If your home is an older home, it may not have the benefit of newer, stronger products and materials that are available today.

Human Error: There is a possibility that human error could come into play. If you have had work done in your crawl space such as HVAC work or plumbing projects, a technician could have cut into a beam or post causing it to weaken. In this case the weight of the floor above could impact the affected wood causing sagging.

How Crawl Space Jacks Can Help

Crawl space jacks are designed to provide structural support to the floors above your crawl space. They are installed in strategic places throughout the crawl space. Your Stapleton Foundation Systems foundation specialists will determine the best placement of the jacks based upon the inspection of your home. Crawl space jacks will strengthen and stabilize your sagging floors, making them safe again. A long lasting solution, they will give you peace of mind for you and your family.

Stapleton also provides an array of additional crawl space solutions including crawl space encapsulation. This is a process that can prevent this type of damage in the future and could be of benefit. Ask your Stapleton foundation specialist for more details. To schedule a free inspection, contact Stapleton Foundation Systems today. We would like nothing more that to help you, and get you walking on solid ground again!

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