A Small Slope in the Wrong Direction Can Be a Big Deal

Foundation settlement is a common issue that requires foundation repairs. But what leads to foundation settlement, and how does it affect your crawlspace? A leading cause of foundation settlement is improper grading. What is amazing about grading, is that even a small slope in the wrong direction can be a big deal. Often, first-time homeowners are not even fully aware of what grading is, let alone how it may affect your foundation or crawlspace.

Diagnosing Improper Grading

When inspecting your home for improper grading there are several things you need to be looking for:

If any of these issues are present, you may have improper grading. These symptoms contribute to foundation settlement, and ultimately to related issues in your crawlspace.

How Your Crawlspace is Affected by Improper Grading

First and foremost, improper grading causes water to collect around your foundation. When this happens, the saturated soil in those areas expand. This expanding soil will push inward on your foundation. The result is moisture in your crawlspace, as well as the potential for cracks to form. In addition, all crawlspaces require vents. When water pools up enough around those vents, they can allow water to freely flow into your crawlspace. Water and moisture lead to wood rot, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Your electric bill can also be higher as a result. Ultimately you run the risk of expensive foundation repairs.

Stapleton Foundation Repairs is Your Crawlspace Repair Expert

At Stapleton Foundation Systems, we are a licensed specialist in crawl space repair and encapsulation. We can repair damage caused to your foundation and crawlspace as a result of improper grading. We offer services such as crawl space insulation, crawl space sealing, crawl space vapor barriers, crawl space encapsulation, and more. Contact us today for a free inspection. We will work with you to plan a solution to your specific needs that works well with your budget. Our customer’s well-being is our motivation. When you choose us, we honor that trust by making sure everything we do provides a secure foundation system for a lifetime.

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